App Safety Rating System


Our App safety rating system is based on a simple points system that awards points where safety systems have been set in place that specifically serve to reduce visibility and the user’s online footprint. Please note, the scoring system of our guide is based on our best practice recommendations being fully implemented which can be found in each app’s page. The scoring system is as follows:

  1. Encryption:
    Yes = 1 No = 0.

    Is the data in the App encrypted?
  1. Does the App have an Invisible mode:
    Yes = 1 No = 0.

    Or The ability to significantly reduce online visibility.
  1. Data Shared to Third Parties:
    Yes = 0 No = 1

    This includes marketing agencies or companies who run data centres outside the main organisation.
  1. Does the App contain GPS tracking:
    Yes = 0   No = 1
  1. If so, Can the tracking be turned off:
    Yes = 1   No = 0
  1. Does the APP contain the ability to remotely delete data from contacts, chats, groups etc?
    Yes = 1   No = 0
  1. Can users be searched:
    Yes = 0 No = 1

    Especially worrying if the users are not connected
  1. Does the APP contain any parental controls:
    Yes = 1   No = 0
  1. Does the APP contain the ability to directly report/block users:
    Yes = 1      No = 0
  2. Is the APP GDPR compliant and possess the ability to request user data to examine what data is being collect and/or shared:
    Yes = 1 No = 0.

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