Our Research

Here can be found, a download link to our research thesis, on which all of the content contained within this service is based. The nature of the the subject material being online safety, particularly as it pertains to children, means the research is important.

It is easy to say that online access to unfiltered content is risky. Most people would recognize this. But if one is going to say that they have investigated the subject and offered ways to mitigate the risks, then these claims should be backed up with a wealth of material showing how these conclusions and recommendations were reached.

Our research in this area is extensive and followed a strict quantitative methodology. It was a very large undertaking and it is a large document, but for those who would wish to verify the integrity of our research, which is a perfectly reasonable expectation, we offer a link to our Thesis and we welcome feed back on it via the contact links on our about us page here.

Once again, we thank you for your time and your visit to our site and we hope you found the service useful and informative.

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