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We are third year computer science students studying Cyber Security and Digital Forensics at Technology University Dublin in Blanchardstown formally known as Institute of Technology Blanchardstown. Throughout this year we studied the potential dangers the online world poses to anyone who uses it knowingly or otherwise. This blog is the practical product of an in depth research thesis written as part of our third year project. We hope that parents and children find this information useful and helpful in relation to increasing online security.

Our group consisted of James Finglas, Cathal Murphy and Seán Guthrie.

James Finglas

Currently in my third year of a Bachelors with honours degree, i have covered a wide array of subjects, including basic website design and implementation, back end server logic and implementation. Basic to advanced programming in the following languages: C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, Twig, HTML, Mysql database scripting. Video game game design was also covered in C#. The first two years covered basic and advanced Cisco networking practices and protocols including practical configuration of networks and routers. In my third year in switched to cyber security and digital forensics from general computing. This allowed me to specialize in Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics and secure programming as well cryptography and network security.

I have produced several practical applications of the subjects i have studied including websites, video games, large scale programs and research projects and my sincerest hopes is to enter into the InfoSec world having earned my degree to have a meaningful impact in the world i have grown to love over these past few years in University.

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Cathal Murphy

I am an experienced and intuitive computer enthusiast.   I am able to express my ideas clearly, work effectively both in a team and independently.  My strengths include the advanced use of computers, customer care, coherent planning, organising and teamwork.  I enjoy working with customers and I hold a positive attitude in the work place.  I aspire to work with a company in Digital Forensics and Security.

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Seán Guthrie

Previously coming from a Bar tending background. Sean is currently in his third year of Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. He has covered a large variety of subjects, such as Java, Python, HTML, CSS and MySQL to name a few. 

He is currently covering Penetration Testing, Cisco Networking Security, Cryptographic Communications and Secure Programming. He currently aspires to enter the Cyber Security industry. Lastly he has a large interest in music, with being proficient with Guitar, Bass Guitar and Mandolin. 

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Feel free to contact us anytime from Monday to Friday 9-5 however we are still students studying our course and will get back to you as soon as possible.


We are unavailable on bank holidays and Weekends.

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